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Winter Skin Care 101

Winter Skin Care 101

Winter is rough! And as the weather changes, our skin definitely takes a toll. The cold air causes our skin to dehydrate, crack and flake. Overall it’s more sensitive and dull that we’re use to and it can make getting ready in the morning quite a pain.

But that doesn't mean it's a lost cause. Here are a few of my favorite products I use to keep my winter skin under control!

1.     Make Up Remover
I typically wear more make up in the winter than the summer time, so taking it off can be a hassle. I start my skin hydration by taking it off with a product that improves the health of my skin – Coconut oil! There are a million cleaning oils, cleansing balms and micellar waters on the market designed to remove make up, but good old coconut oil is my absolute favorite. And the fact that it’s pretty darn affordable doesn’t hurt! I use Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Triple Filtered Coconut Oil.

2.     Cleanse
As a day to day cleanser in the winter I want something gentle on my skin. Purity is my year round go to!

3.     Exfoliate
Winter exfoliates should be effective but gentle. It’s important to get off the dead skin without drying it out – and that is exactly what I can count on Tatcha for! This rice enzyme powder is kind to my skin and gets my face ready for the rest of these hydrating goodies.

4.     Oil & Moisturizer
Face oil is an awesome barrier from the wind and the elements! I mix it with my moisturizer and oil together for the best results for my skin! Sunday Riley’s Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil is full of good for you ingredients and makes my skin glow! While their Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream gives me intense moisture without feeling heavy or breaking me out. Sunday Riley products are definitely on the pricier side – so check out the Neutrogena Hydro Boost line for some awesome but more budget friendly products.

5.     Mask
An overnight moisture mask is a great way to add a little extra love into your skin care routine without adding time. Check out Origin’s Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask is SO good!

6.     Lips
Dry lips are the absolute worst! A gentle scrub and some hydrating balm will take care of this in no time. Lush makes some of my favorite lip scrubs! Or for an at home concoction, mix a little of your coconut oil with brown sugar and you’re good to go! For an easy to use lip balm that smells delicious, I always grab for the Fresh Sugar Lip Carmel Hydrating Balm. Yummm!!! They also have a whole line of tinted lip balms that are the perfect mix of color and hydration!

Some other easy things you can do to keep your skin healthy this winter – get a humidifier, keep showers short and not too hot, don’t over exfoliate and drink LOTS of water!

Let me know what you think of these products! And share some of your favorite winter skin tips in the comments below.


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