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Picking the Right Planner

Picking the Right Planner

2018 is almost here guys!! It’s time for a whole new year of adventures, projects and tasks to tackle! You need to make sure you’re organized and ready to kick 2018’s butt.

And okay, can I be a total dork for just a minute? I LOVE new planners! It just makes it feel like a fresh start to me. Literally everything that has happened in the past can be recycled (or if you’re a freak like me, boxed up and stored for absolutely no reason) and you get to begin again. I spend most of December thinking about and picking out my new planner for the next year. I flip through every planner at Paper Source, read online reviews and think about the good and the bad of planners past.

If you’re still getting ready to pick out your 2018 planners, I’ve got some great tips for selecting the right one and a few of my favorites for you to check out!

We’re all different but there are a few things everyone needs to think about when picking their planner…

1.     What will you use it for?

Are you a career woman keeping track of her meeting schedule? A blogger planning her posts? A stay-at-home-mom managing a home and family? Or just a twenty-something trying to figure out how to juggle it all?? Everyone’s needs are different.

I have a busy job, this brand-new blog and life to keep in order. And it’s 2017, so my primary source of appointment reminder is my outlook calendar. I love that it beeps at me to get my butt to whatever meeting I’m inevitably running late for. But there is something about writing down a task that makes me feel committed to getting it done. My planner houses meeting notes, to-do lists, goals for the week and commitments I’m making to myself for the year. It’s also a great overview of what my month has in store!

2.     Size

Do you write big? Do you need it to be easy to toss in your purse? Do you lose a planner that’s too small? Size is super important when you’re picking your planner!

3.     Binding

Do you want to store everything for the year in your planner? Or do you like to rip things out as you go? Do you need a binding that opens and you can add to?

4.     Budget

A planner can be expensive. But honestly, a good planner doesn’t have to be.

When I graduated from college my sweet, sweet sister bought be a GORGEOUS Coach planner! It was easily $150. Gold leather folio, gold embossed pages, stunning little gold pen. Well, 2011 came and went and the pen ran out of ink and the pages needed to be changed but they don’t make the refills for the same size. So now my beautiful leather folio just sits, waiting for its turn to be used again!

Basically, what I’m saying is, more expensive isn’t always better. Find something that works for you.

5.     Format

Do you like the lines with times in them? I sure don’t! Some people swear by them. I say that my life doesn’t run from 8-6 like most planners offer, so I prefer them blank. Do you want extra room for note taking? Places to write out your goals? Space for to-do lists? Keep all of this in mind while selecting your planner.

6.     Style

This planner will be with you all year long, so it should be a reflection of your personal style. For me that means choosing gold accents over silver. Something simple and sophisticated but a little girly. Basic strips, a muted floral or a pale teal like my 2018 choice will all go with my day to day life!

So drum roll please…..  

In 2018 I’ll be toting around the Ink Well Press planner. I picked it up at Office Depot and I’m so excited to get to using it! It is large enough for all of my needs but not so thick that I can’t toss it easily into my laptop bag. The space per day leaves me plenty of room to plan and there are specific areas for year, monthly and weekly goals.

Remember that you should LOVE the planner you choose! You’re making a 365 day commitment, so choose wisely. Here are a few of my other picks for 2018. Happy organizing people!

Kristina Corinne

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