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18 Things to Start Now for a Better 2018

18 Things to Start Now for a Better 2018

Well guys, we're in it! 2018 is here and it's time to get ready to kick its booty! That means being physically, mentally and emotionally on top of your game. 

Here are 18 things I'm going to be doing in 2018 to be the best me I can be! Tell me what changes you're making this year in the comments. 

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1. Drink More Water

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. We all know the importance of hydrating - it's good for your organs, your metabolism, your skin. 

If you're anything like me and get a little distracted from your water drinking, try the Hidrate Spark 2.0. It will track your water and glow to remind you to drink. That means no more excuses ladies! 

2. Unplug

I know I'm writing this blog while talking about unplugging, but I don't mean all the time. In today's world of smart phones, tablets, laptops and all the social media, it's easy to check out when you're with loved ones. Unplugging is about being present in the moment. About not missing the little things. I promise, you'll love it. 

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3. Try a Fitness Challenge

Squats, planks, couch to 5k training... the internet is full of fun ways to challenge your fitness! Find one that fits with your goals and lifestyle and give it a shot.

Challenges like this are always easier and more fun with a group! I'm kicking today off with this 30 day beginner squat challenge today! Who's joining me? 

4. Organize Your Closet

The most stressful part of my day is often getting out the door. So if there's anything I can do to ease that, I'm all in! Organizing my closet allows me to find things quickly and reduces the morning craziness. 

I organize my clothes by item category and occasion. I'll be sharing a full closet tour on the blog soon! 

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5. Master a New, Healthy Recipe

I LOVE to cook. But my list of go-to recipes definitely needs to expand if I'm going to keep a healthy lifestyle going all year without getting bored. But by the end of 2018 I will make an amazing roast chicken people, I promise! 

If you have any healthy recipe staples I should be trying this year, leave them for me in the comments! 

6. Choose to be Grateful

Studies show that people who are grateful are physically and mentally healthier, have stronger relationships and are more resilient. But it's important to remember that gratefulness doesn't always come naturally. Sometimes you have to choose to be grateful. 

I'm making that choice in 2018. This year I'm going to write down 1 reason a day that I'm grateful and I'll share a list of 365 reasons with you next New Year's Eve! 

7. Drink Green Tea

There are like 7 billion benefits to drinking green tea people. It is good for your heart, prevents diabetes, helps you lose weight and makes your skin glow! Why wouldn't you drink something with results like that??? 

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8. Get a Check Up

Going for a yearly physical is always a good idea! Prevention is key, so get to your doctor and have 'em give you a once over. It's great for your physical health but also gives you a little peace of mind. 

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9. Make Time for Date Night

It's important to invest time in your partner. It's good for your relationship and your sanity. Make time once a week (or whatever works for you guys) to spend time alone and re-connect. If you get stuck in a rut, try making a fun date night jar like this! Include some of your favorite activities as well as some new ones you've never tried. 

Not in a romantic relationship right now? Don't stress about it! Plan a monthly girls night! You could all use the time to re-charge and blow off a little steam! 

10. Meditate

It's just good for the soul! Learning to be alone with yourself and your thoughts is SO important. And regular meditation improves your sleep, relieves stress and helps with managing blood pressure. 

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11. Make 1 Diet Change

Start a meatless Monday. Stop drinking soda. Use smaller plates. Making 1 change won't be overwhelming, but you'll be surprised how quickly you can feel the change! 

This year, I'm going to eat less carbs. Coming from a pasta and bread loving Italian family it will be a little tough - but I've got this! 

12. Learn to Relax

Take a hot bath. Get a massage. Practice yoga. Whatever works for you girl! A glass of red wine, some candles and a bubble bath is my solution to a long day. What do you do to unwind? 

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13. Take Your Vitamins

Mom has always told you to take your vitamins! That's because most of us don't get the nutrients we need from diet alone. Supplementing what you eat with the vitamins you need for your stage of life can help you feel your best!

I take these Nature's Way multivitamins and then some biotin and prenatal vitamins for my hair, skin and nails. But I'm not a doctor, so consult yours before you start taking anything! 

14. Make Your Bed

I know it sounds silly, that there's something about making my bed that gets my whole day going on the right path! I instantly feel like more of an adult! It also encourages me to keep the rest of my room tidier. But even if my room is a mess, it looks SO much better if the bed is made. Trust me. 

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15. Sleep More

Sleeping more will make you more productive at work and in life. People who sleep a full 8 hours a night are happier, concentrate better and are overall healthier. It also improves your metabolism and decreases your risk of heart disease. So hit snooze girl! 

Track how well you sleep with an activity tracker like FitBit

16. Save Some Money

Saving money is hard - especially when there are so many cute shoes out there in the world. But sometimes you have to give up what you want right now to get what you want in the long run. Put away whatever you can whether it's $1,000 or $10 a week and just get started. Once you get into the swing of things you won't even miss the money! 

17. Cut Out Toxic Things

We only get so much time, so why keep things around that don't make you happy? Toxic people, toxic foods, toxic thoughts. Get them out of here! 

18. Practice a Little Self Love

We talk to our friends, family and even strangers with more compassion than we talk to ourselves with. This year, show yourself a little compassion! Know your worth girl! 


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