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Vegan Bridal Shower

Vegan Bridal Shower


I come from a big, loud, cheese-loving Italian family.  A party for us means fresh pepperoni and provolone cheese from the local Italian deli, cheesy pasta dishes and cannolis. Basically, my mother’s house is a vegan person’s worst nightmare.

So, what do you do when your best friend gets engaged and then decides to become a vegan?? You rummage through every vegan recipe you can find on Pinterest, use the office as test dummies of your vegan treats for weeks, and come up with a vegan bridal brunch to be proud of! And the best part, nobody was missing the bacon! 

One of the first things I knew I wanted to make was waffles! Mostly because I couldn’t serve eggs as a main dish and I’m pretty terrible at making pancakes. But the vegan waffle recipes I tried were basically cardboard. Then someone made a comment and everything clicked… They’re just like regular waffles, but vegan. I know, I know – it seems pretty obvious. But I realized in that moment the trick for this brunch would be to do everything business as usual with some small substitutions!

Enter… the most amazing vegan waffles. 


I took my old standby of a waffle recipe and switched the regular milk for vanilla almond milk and the eggs for mashed bananas and voila! I don't even make regular waffles anymore!! 

1 ¾ cup All Purpose Flour
¼ cup Corn Starch
2 tbsp. Sugar
1 tbsp. Baking Powder
¼ tsp. Salt
2 Mashed Bananas
1 ¾ cup Almond Milk
½ cup Vegetable Oil
1 ½ tsp. Vanilla Extract

Mix together the dry ingredients then add the wet. Pour them into your hot waffle maker and follow its instructions! Just make sure you use a vegan option to grease it with.

Set up a bar of the bride’s favorite toppings! Some of Kenzie’s favorites are strawberries, powdered sugar, Nutella (I was pleasantly surprised to learn this treat was vegan!) and whipped cream made from coconut milk. 


The Full Vegan Menu

Avocado Toast
Coconut Cream Berry Parfaits
Arugula, Pear & Walnut Salad
Fruit Kabobs
Vegan Donuts
Chocolate dipped mandarin oranges
Blueberry Banana Cupcakes
And a Variety of Mini Vegan Cheesecakes

Add in sequin table cloths, a sweet slideshow and a game or two and you have quite the bridal bash. But the easiest and possibly most important tip of all… Champagne is ALWAYS vegan!

I’m incredibly blessed. Kenzie is a smart, stunning, amazing woman! She’s my rock when I need someone to lean on, my biggest cheerleader, my partner in crime, my sounding board, my conscious when I need it. This woman is everything I could ask for in a best friend and I’m so glad I was able to give her a day as special as she is! 

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